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Electra Bikes

Electra: Modern cruisers for modern people

Electra was founded in Southern California in 1993 by Benno Bänziger.  At the time, there were very few cruisers, the classic “fun” bike, on the market.  Bänziger decided there was a market niche for a stylish, affordable cruiser bicycle and began working on designs that combined classic looks with contemporary technology, such as aluminium frames and multiple speeds.

In 2003, the company introduced its Townie model, using a crank forward geometry, where a seated rider’s feet can rest flat on the ground — combining aspects of cruiser geometry with recumbent geometry, moving the pedals forward and the seat back.  Once the rider starts pedalling, they will experience proper leg extension as a result of the relaxed seat angle and the forward placement of the pedals.  The Townie bike is easy to ride and will put a smile on your face.

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