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SE Bikes

SE BIKES: The heritage of BMX

On a sunny autumn day in 1970, in a vacant lot in Long Beach, California, a young Scot Breithaupt organized the first-ever BMX race.  From designing BMX tracks and promoting races to establishing BMX publications and managing race teams, Scot played an integral role in growing the sport.  In 1977, Scot founded Scot Enterprises, and soon after, SE Racing was born.  In 1980, Perry Kramer, the top rider on the SE team insisted that a gusset be welded to the top tube junction for strength.  Once the frame redesign was completed, it became Perry’s signature bike, the “PK Ripper”.  With over 40 years of production, the PK Ripper is not only the longest running bike in the sport but is also the most legendary BMX bike of all time.  Over the decades, BMX has morphed, expanded and gone worldwide.  With their finger on the pulse, SE has created many new styles of BMX bikes in unique sizes never seen before.

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